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Winter tyres

Discussion in 'Servicing and maintenance' started by Dan H, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. spiritof'76

    spiritof'76 Wales '11 & '12, Brittany '13 veteran - Cosworth o

    Just took Dobby out for a play............

    First though it took an hour to get the BMW from the garage to the road :banghead:

    Dobby on winters wasn't sure what all the fuss was about as she just ploughed through and i then went off looking for the least used roads in the area and she still din't bat an eyelid :p....... even an emergency stop went pretty well :D

    Then upset the 2mph brigade with an overtake on a country lane :stirthepot:
  2. chevy-stu

    chevy-stu Alpine '10 Veteran - Camaro driving and member of

    left the house last night just as the snow started falling (great timing) luckily I'd swapped to the winter wheels that afternoon.. :)

    First impression on snow with winter tyres are definately grip way way better on braking, acceleration etc.. Still have the traction and ABS light coming up a little on some slippier areas. I had to do a couple of stops on my way into town, so on setting of again at around 10pm I did have a wheelspinning/thought I was stuck moment whilst trying to do 3 point turn on a slope, but just about gripped and got round. By 3am the snow was properly thick, and still had no issues using proper smooth driving ...

    Winter tyres are great and definately way safer on snow/slush, but still have their limits in a heavy auto RWD car...
  3. Fiona

    Fiona Camera person extraordinaire, world traveller and

    It's interesting driving around the snow covered car park on the marina. Other peoples tyre tracks seem to simply compact the snow, looking at Pedro's tyre tracks alongside you can clearly see the difference. The chunky all terrains bite through to the tarmac and churn up the snow rather than squashing it. :D
  4. Fatboy 18

    Fatboy 18 Viper driving PN Handyman

    Trouble with swapping tyres is where the hell do you store the other ones :( I just dont have any space left :( Recently had to clear out my mum and dads house, so you end up with double the amount of tools garden rakes etc, loft is crammed, just got to shift some stuff somewhere :(

    I have a set of chains for my van and they are brilliant (in deep snow) but crap on salted slushy roads, I actually ended up snapping some of the links last year as the tarmac wore them out :(
  5. Dan H

    Dan H Ventoux and Wales veteran - Pn founder member, cha

    My normal wheels & tyres are currently chucked in one of my sheds.

    Once we've moved, I'll get some sort of superfandango bracket / rack or whatever made up so I can keep them on the wall in the garage.

    The hassle of finding a space is easily out-weighed by the benefit of having proper winter tyres & not having to faff around with chains.

    Business opportunity for you - rent a storage unit over winter for your set & charge other people to store theirs in that unit - get it right, cover your costs & make a little bunce too.... :D
  6. spiritof'76

    spiritof'76 Wales '11 & '12, Brittany '13 veteran - Cosworth o

  7. Bigburd

    Bigburd Alpine, Ventoux '09 & Viking '10 Veteran - PN idea

    I had a set of Hankook Ice Bears on my A3 Quattro and the neighbour shod his VXR8 with some imported Pirelli's I think from the USA (which was cheaper to buy 4 from USA than 2 from Europe with the shipping)

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