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Orange customer Service....Not

Discussion in 'Non Torque Talk' started by Harsh, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Harsh

    Harsh Senior Lucozade Tester Staff Member

    So, i damaged my phone on Sunday but it wasn't too bad so i thought i'll not bother claiming on the insurance and just live with it.

    I dropped it today at work and now i can only just see the screen, the glass looks like it is going to shatter any moment.
    so i phone orange customer car and tell them the story.

    "oh sorry sir you're not covered..you had to report the incident within 48 hours"

    "yes but the first incident happened 51 hours ago and the second happened 3 hours ago"

    "you're not covered."

    i finally managed to get him to refer it to the insurers but i have to say that it was hard work getting him to actually try and help me rather than just reading from his notes in front of him
    Computer says no, jobsworth etc etc

    3 hours late for the first claim and 45 hours within the time limit for the second claim.

    are they nuts?

    if the insurers say no, they are going to have a serious battle on their hands......their online reputation is toast.....and funnily enough i know how to harness the power of social media.

    watch out Orange...you'd better use some customer service flexibility or the truth about how you treat customers that have been with you for 12 years will get spread around like wildfire.
  2. verysideways

    verysideways Grip level estimator - PN anorak and driving tutor

    I've tried the others and always come back to Orange because of their customer service.

    Take it to the top, get it sorted, or we'll make mincemeat out of them :)
  3. Sods Law

    Sods Law PN water correspondent

    I personally wouldnt have an Orange mobile, also to warn you most claims are automatically declined at the first point to see how serious you are! FFS.

    Service poor
    Coverage Poor
    International Service not too hot

    t shirt for you

    Been with Voda for 11 years and they have never given me a reason to leave and my only ever complaint was handled well.
  4. Fiona

    Fiona Camera person extraordinaire, world traveller and

    Don't get me started on Orange!! Oh dear, you just did! Online reputation slaughter coming up!!

    Like you I had been an orange customer for over 10 years, ever since I bought my first mobile phone. The new phone they sent me as an upgrade was faulty, they said they'd send me out a new phone. That was faulty too! I discovered because the 1st phone had been reported faulty more than 24 hours after I took delivery, I was not entitled to a "new" replacement! They were instead sending me reconditioned phones which clearly weren't fixed!

    When I threatened to leave they told me that by accepting a new phone I had agreed to a new 1 year contract. I pointed out that they were in breach of that contract as they hadn't supplied me with a working phone. 7 different faulty phones later and 6 weeks without a working phone I wrote to the managing director and received a phone call from a member of the "executive team" The lady was very polite and agreed I could be released from my contract.

    Thats not the end of it by a long shot....I switched to O2 and ported my number across. Orange continued to bill me, debiting my account! I phoned them, explained the situation and they promised to cancel the direct debit and refund my money, they didn't but instead continued to bill me. Several more phone calls and still nothing got done so I canceled my direct debit. Then the threatening letters started arriving, claiming I hadn't paid my bill (on the number that was now on O2!) Again I phoned them and again I was assured they would correct the situation and refund the bills they had debited before. Then, 6 months after I'd switched to O2, I started receiving "debt collection" phone calls from Orange!! Again I explained that they owed me money not the other way round. The following week I received yet another phone call telling me my phone would be cut off if I didn't pay the bills. I asked if they could do that. "yes" he said. "really?", I asked "Even though that number is now on O2?". "Oh" was the reply! This one finally got to the bottom of it. It turned out they had my account on their computer twice, 1 which showed the account closed and number transferred and another which didn't!! I eventually received a full refund about 8 months after leaving Orange. I'm still waiting for a decent apology!


    I'm pleased to say O2 are treating me well and the coverage is vastly and I mean VASTLY better than Orange! Wish I'd switched years ago!
  5. Fiona

    Fiona Camera person extraordinaire, world traveller and

    When I left Orange it was a toss up between O2 and Vodafone, the coverage being similar. I decided to phone them both and see which one I could haggle the best deal out of. When I called Vodafone I got a recording "press this", "press that" and no matter what option I chose it always came round to "please call your service provider(ie: carphone warehouse) who's number will be at the top of your bill" I couldn't get through to an operator! When I called O2 I got through to a human being relatively quickly and that's what swung it in O2's favour!
  6. Harsh

    Harsh Senior Lucozade Tester Staff Member

    I've already told them they had better play ball or i'm going to tell the story of what goes on.

    i almost want them to decline the claim so i can fight.

    i'm in the mood...really in the mood grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. jumplead

    jumplead Ventoux '09 Veteran - PN Spy

    Harsh let me know if it is declined, i'll pass you a customer relations number, call them instead of the 1st line support agents. Can't be mad at them for doing their job... They aren't allowed to think for themselves for the most part.

    I've always had fantastic customer service from Orange, and the only time we've had a disagreement in 10 years they sorted it out quite promptly.

    It's funny to see how different people have these experiences. My works Voda contract is fine, but I had them threatening to cut me off for 'using' the phone when i had a personal account. Demanding I pay them £2000 to cover my in month usage (which at the point was £1000) even though they had agreed to supply me with a contract and up until that point i'd never missed a payment.

    I ended up taking O2 to the cleaners years back too because of various unresolved problems and the theft of money from my account. Then they had the audacity to ring me and offer me a 'fantastic deal' compared to orange... even offering me calls to UAE for 6p a minute (compared to their usual £1.25 a minute at the time) and wondered why I didn't take them up on the offer, not taking no for an answer and calling me for days on end. They got reported to Offcom for nusience calling in the end.

    So it appears they are all as bad as each other. As with all insurance... just keep on at them, the insurance companies are the worst ones here, you'll probably find that Orange have their hands tied.
  8. Boris

    Boris Highland '10 Veteran | Mayoral candidate and PN p

    They picked a fight with the wrong guy from the sounds of things! There Is a whole website domehwre dedicated to orange nightmare's and Ive had my fair share of arguments with there French side on my mums behalf! 02 are my choice, not that it's much help to you ATM
  9. ChrisC

    ChrisC MYM'10, Wales'10, Wales'11, Sicily'11, Highland&

    Keep fighting Bachi, if you cant win it then nobody can.

    Unfortunately this is the way that insurance in the UK is going. Its becoming like the US insurance industry which is quite frankly is not fit for purpose.

    I had the same behaviour with warranty direct when I had a "catch all" yearly warranty and maintenace contract with them. They refused to pay up for various reason (over 10-15 phone calls) the best one being:
    "You need to provide proof of service (before warranty started) unforntunately your car has not been serviced to required standards" "what do you mean?" "the invoice doesnt have part numbers on it" "yes it does they are all there" "there is no part number for the brake fluid" "you ****** kidding me etc etc"

    aparently I needed a part number (which doesnt exisit) for the brake fluild change 2 years prior, because my water pump failed which is completely unrelated.

    After a long fight they paid out. They didnt pay the whole amount because aparently the garage was too expensive, I think they only paid £40 per hour at most (if you know a garage that is this cheap please tell).

    Now I insure myself by taking the money I would pay in insurance and saving it up.
  10. Harsh

    Harsh Senior Lucozade Tester Staff Member

    Guess what?

    They called me today and said...we've decided that you are covered on your insurance after all.

    New Phone arriving at 9am tomorrow.

    I was looking forward to the fight as well! :)
  11. Fiona

    Fiona Camera person extraordinaire, world traveller and

    Not to worry, if they're true to form, the "new" phone will be faulty "reconditioned" one and you'll wind up in a fight dragging on for months!
  12. Redex R

    Redex R Classic car liason - supporter of the best footbal

    A lot of companies that have a "customer service department" seem to fail dismally on that title (a contradiction in terms) , if I can ever avoid it I will never buy from magastores like PC World , Currys , Dixons etc mainly because if you have a technical problem with equipment they all operate call centres that cut you off if the conversation isn't going in their favour , anyone else notice that happening ?
  13. ChrisC

    ChrisC MYM'10, Wales'10, Wales'11, Sicily'11, Highland&

    Yes I have had this happen to me many times. It normally happens to me when I ask to speak to a supervisor.

    So what I do is make sure to take their name before they start.
  14. alstonalvin

    alstonalvin New Member

    You can use another 0844 800 3117 orange customer service contact number. It is a directly concern department number. I hope you can get here a best solution of your problem. before one year ago my phone is lost so I use this number for cancellation of my number.

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