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Installing .itn files to my Tomtom device

Discussion in 'Sat nav? Help!' started by verysideways, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. verysideways

    verysideways Grip level estimator - PN anorak and driving tutor

    1. Your launch day letter contains a link to a Tomtom zip file - download this to your machine.

    2. Unzip this file and you'll see it contains a set of .itn files.

    3. Plug your Tomtom device into your computer, and switch it on. It will ask you if you want to "connect to computer?". Say yes!

    4. Browse the Tomtom device in Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac), as you would an external drive or USB key - you should find a folder marked "ITN"

    5. Drag the .itn files for your tour into this "ITN" folder

    6. Eject the Tomtom device before unplugging it, at which point it should restart.

    7. When you go into your Tomtom menu, you should see an icon marked "Itinerary Planning". In here you will find options to load one of your saved itinerary files :)
  2. zed1

    zed1 Junior Member

    I can't find a zip file and don't know what you mean by the "launch day letter" unless I've lost it. :(
  3. verysideways

    verysideways Grip level estimator - PN anorak and driving tutor

    Don't worry, this is from the "old days".
    These days we provide the Tomtom with the files all pre-loaded, and a user guide in the driver's pack.

    You'll get the launch letter (without a download link) a month before the tour, and you'll get the driver's pack (with Tomtom, walkie-talkie, and route maps) at the first drivers' briefing on the tour.
  4. Molly GTi

    Molly GTi Alpine '12 Veteran - Miss Moneypenny and Rob GT's

    Any chance of telling us how to do this files business with my Garmin Pete? :wavey:
  5. Sparky

    Sparky Wales '10, Sicily '11 & Viking '11 Veteran - Motor

    The way that I found worked best for my garmin zumo 550 was to open the .tin file in tyre, then convert it (by saving as) to a garmin compatible file (sorry can't remember the extension of the top of my head).

    Then using tyre export the file to your garmin (if you use the garmin software it recalculates the route and changes it). When you turn on your unit after removing it from the computer it will ask you if you want to download imported files, choose yes and then download all files you put on the unit. when this is done they will be visible on the unit when it has powered up in the routes option. To make sure that the route does not change from the intended route you need to turn off the automatic route recalculation.
  6. verysideways

    verysideways Grip level estimator - PN anorak and driving tutor

    As per Mark's answer, plus you can use ITNconverter if you want instead of Tyre, but you need to know the import format for your Garmin (different Garmins use different formats unfortunately).

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