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Ace Cafe London - Car Meets

Discussion in 'London - ACE Cafe meet' started by andy-car-nut, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. andy-car-nut

    andy-car-nut Junior Member


    I have not seen any posts here since December 2015 for Ace cafe meets.
    Has it moved to another system of some sort

  2. verysideways

    verysideways Grip level estimator - PN anorak and driving tutor

    Hi Andy,
    The Ace meet is still on the second Monday of every month, and we'll be there tonight in fact. See you there?
    Just turn up and mention to the steward that you're there for the Petrolhead Nirvana night and he (or she) should let you in :)
  3. Dan H

    Dan H Ventoux and Wales veteran - Pn founder member, cha

    Is this the time travelling thread? :D

    See you all again last month?
  4. bav

    bav business guru

    Haven't been for ages now the light is better will pop on down.
  5. Fatboy 18

    Fatboy 18 Viper driving PN Handyman

    I will try make the August meet, been ages since i've seen everyone
  6. Elliott

    Elliott Stratos-owning translucent man

    I plan to get to the Ace next Monday too. I hope to bring a friend of mine to his first PN meet. :)

    ETA: I need my sub script changing as I sold my Hawk Stratos back in 2014. I'll be brining my 964 targa along next Monday.

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