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1961 cresta

Discussion in 'Pre 1980's & Classics' started by dreamshack, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. dreamshack

    dreamshack innovator and 'can do' man - all round good egg

    Started again on customer resto recently, have been cutting out previous swathes of filler and jagged rust and starting to add fresh new metal...


    New steel added...



    like many of these cars, they seem fine until you start with the grinder.... More to follow when we reopen, several interesting classics being restored at the mo
  2. Dan H

    Dan H Ventoux and Wales veteran - Pn founder member, cha


    It's a shame you're not a bit closer, I would be nosing around regularly....
  3. Fiona

    Fiona Camera person extraordinaire, world traveller and

    Dan, it's a lovely run down the A31/A32 to the new shack.......good excuse for a drive out :D
  4. Dan H

    Dan H Ventoux and Wales veteran - Pn founder member, cha

    True, but the "regularly" bit is the problem!

    Small person & smaller person nearly here - means difficult to take most of the day out....
  5. Lee

    Lee New Member

    Love the 61 Cresta - my dad had a 61 PA in green when I was very young.
    Front bench seat with arm rest for me to sit, how times have changed!
    I look forward to seeing more pics

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