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The most important part of running Petrolhead Nirvana is the friends we make along
the way. Come say hello on our friendly community of tourers and enthusiasts on our discussion forum.

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Forum Partners


We work alongside many owners clubs, helping them with events, arranging tours and generally helping out with advice on the best places (and times) to tour. We pick our partners carefully, ensuring they have a friendly and relaxed feel.>

You’ll find us active and helpful online (much as we are in real life!) on the following forums.


Scud Italia

A private supercar owners club based in the south east of England. Despite the fact it is a closed group (and a subscription of £20pa is payable to aid running costs) they are an extremely relaxed and friendly group without the cliques and snobbery that can be associated with private clubs. The closed nature ensures that ethic is preserved as members need to be referred.

We have very close ties with ScudItalia, regularly arranging joint events and runs. The criteria for joining is that members must own a supercar and be known to one of the ScudItalia members. Petrolhead Nirvana members who’s cars fulfill the supercar criteria are automatically eligible.



An independent Porsche owners club, the largest in the UK. Free to join and a very valuable and friendly resource for 911 related information. They hold regular meets and events and have a very active community. Once again we are proud to have been chosen as their exclusive tour operators.


Mustang Owners Club GB

Another very enthusiastic and friendly site with an active membership, arranging regular meets and events. They are proactive supporters of our charity days and you’ll find a number of their members active on our forums as well.