Ferrari reveals its ridiculously fast F12tdf


Image via This Is Money

With the power of more than nine Ford Fiesta’s combined, the Ferrari F12tdf was released into our lives this week, accompanied by details that made our mouths water. Incredibly, the new Ferrari can in just 3 seconds reach 62mph from a standstill – and boy will it look good doing so.

Using the same 6.2-litre V12 engine as the Berlinetta, the F12tdf packs a colossal 769bhp and has a top speed three times that of the legal UK speed limit. That means a 0-62mph time of 2.9 seconds – faster than you can tie your shoelaces! A top speed of 211mph means you’ll never really reach it on UK roads (or at least we’d sincerely hope not) but you rest assured the F12tdf could outrun a freak tornado if needed to. It’s classic Ferrari look means that the car is instantly recognisable and we personally feel the yellow paintwork looks sublime.

So here’s the catch… only 799 models will be produced with an expected price tag of £275,000. While there have been cars produced in smaller numbers, with the £1m LaFerrari hypercar now sold out, the F12tdf is the fastest Ferrari you can buy today – though probably not for long.

Read more about the new F12tdf on Daily Mail’s This is Money.








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