Porsche Cayman GT4

Is this the Cayman to rule them all? It just might be. In fact, it just might be the Porsche to rule them all. The most powerful production Cayman in history has been revealed: ladies and gentlemen, meet the GT4.

It’s a serious bit of kit and, as such, requires some serious name-checking; Porsche references the gorgeous 904 GTS, the 911 GT1, the Carrera GT, and of course, the 918 Spyder.

Why? Because they’re all mid-engined. And the engine in the middle of this Cayman GT4 is a peach, too. It’s the 3.8-litre flat-six lifted from the 911 Carrera S, here producing 380bhp at 7,400rpm, making it the most potent Cayman ever: the Cayman GTS makes 340bhp from its 3.4-litre unit.

It’s matched to a six-speed manual, and only a six-speed manual. Porsche is not offering the PDK automatic gearbox as an option on this one, so it’s a stick-shift with dynamic gearbox mounts as standard.

Power is, naturally, transmitted to those rear wheels, with Porsche claiming a 0-62mph time of just 4.4 seconds – a full half second quicker than the Cayman GTS – and top speed of 183mph.

The design is a classic case of form following function, says Preuninger. The goal was to create a “zero lift car”, but thanks to the extensive aerodynamic and cooling package on the car – which includes a front splitter, a larger front grille and increased frontal air intakes, side air intakes, not one but two rear spoilers and a fully functional diffuser – the Cayman GT4 produces as much downforce at speed (100kg) as the 911 GT3. Every single part on the Cayman GT4 has a functional use.

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