Mercedes-Benz G-Code Vision Concept


To mark the opening of Mercedes brand new product engineering centre in Beijing, the German manufacturer unveiled a new sports utility coupé concept for the future; the ‘G-Code vision concept’.

This latest addition includes a variable plug-in hybrid drive system with long electronic operating range and turbocharged combustion engine that runs exclusively on hydrogen.

When the G-Code is parked, it transforms itself into a giant solar cell as a high-tech ‘multi-voltaic’ silver paint finish replenish the cars power supply. The vehicle has also been engineered to be powered and charged ‘electrostatically’ with the wind when the vehicle is stationary.

Another power feature Mercedes has included is the ability to charge on the move using a unique suspension method that generates further electricity. The springs and dampers are hydraulic and networked via a central control unit – the rebound of the springs and dampers drives a compact current generator.

The sports coupé has drawn reference from popular cinematic space films such as Star Wars with its digital radiator grille. Mercedes has created a grille that boasts two chrome louvres in the front that are surrounded by a continuous display that changes colour. Could this be the future of cars?

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