Our new Petrolhead Nirvana tour car

As you probably already know, we said Bye to our Porsche last month.

Bye Bye Porsche :)

It was time for a change. We have been discussing about it for months, checking car adverts everyday, dreaming on Pistonheads… Finally we decided to get our new tour car. Big surprise for everybody, it is NOT a convertible. We have chosen a BMW M3 E92. DCT, faster and more economical than the manual transmission, perfect for a tour car!

We brought it to the Ace in August, for its very own first car meet. 

New Petrolhead Nirvana tour car: BMW M3 E92

We love it, but it needed some modifications to make it a proper Petrolhead Nirvana car. Earlier this week, I spoke to  another Pete at Interpro (a garage in Thorbury, near Bristol, click here for more info :) ). They deal with Longlife Exhausts as well as doing rally car preparation work and so on.

A visit to Interpro – LongLife Exhausts

I  asked the guy to have a look at a video on Youtube which shows  how to do the exhaust modification we want. After checking the video, he said no problem, he could do it. Awesome, let’s do this!

So i went down there on Saturday morning and this is what happened:

Getting the car ready

Pete took the exhaust off the car, cut it open, took out the 2 perforated pipes 


and replaced them with stainless steel straight pipes


I think the video shows how much difference it made! Have a look and let us know what you think :) Click here.

And while I was standing in this industrial estate in Thornbury, I got to see some very cool cars:

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