Why we love Norway

Lots of you are liking and commenting photos taken on our Viking Tour on Facebook. Such a nice place, so many things to see. Fjords, mountains, coastal scenery, tunnels… Definitely one of our favourite destinations.

Why? Let me show you :)

One of the first step of our trip will take you to the Lysebotn road. You might know it for its famous hanging rock. But we are more interested in its impressive road in the high mountains of Rogaland and Vest Agder – highest point 932 metres. It usually opens in May, and closes in October/November (depending on snow conditions). It is a long road, twisting and turning the whole way down. Honestly, the Lysebotn road would make the trip worthwhile all on its own.

The road includes 27 challenging hairpins and a 1.1 km long tunnel at the bottom which also has 3 switchbacks inside to make things even more interesting. The surface of the road is perfect. It’s like a giant rollercoaster! It’s probably the most fun road from Norway and its last 30 km to Lysebotn will put a smile on every driving enthusiast’s face.

We would then take you to the Laerdal tunnel. Never heard of it?! The longest tunnel in the world! 24.5km to enjoy the sound of your car! Officially around 20 minutes to cross. This is just madness… There are also three large caverns allowing some scope for photos and mischief.

From here we go up and over the mountain to the picturesque lookout at Aurland. Thank you Ross Kania for this awesome photo, we love it! We will also hit some of the unknown back roads which open up to yet another beautiful waterfall or landmark fjord. 

Right, enough mountains, a bit of ocean now! Another of the most scenic roads to drive in Norway: the Atlantic road. Sharp turns and wild nature, The Guardian have put it at the top their list for the world’s best road trips. And we have to agree, it’s one of the best.

The Atlantic Road is a 8-kilometre long stretch of road that zigzags across low bridges that jut out over the sea. Seven bridges, the best one and more famous being the Storseisundet Bridge, the tallest bridge, it has a dramatic and beautiful curve. It has been featured in lots of car adverts and people call it the Road to Nowhere, don’t worry it’s just an optical illusion. You will come back safe :) .

Lots of people choose to go in autumn to experience the crazy storms that pound the road. We prefer to go in June. We love our cars too much ;)

And back in the moutains! Another amazing road: the Trollstigen, (the Troll’s Ladder), Norway’s answer to the famous Stelvio pass! On tour, we always allow plenty of time to go up and down more than once. So much fun, you just can’t stop.

You would go through spectacular scenery of deep fjords, waterfalls and lush valleys – wild, wonderful and vibrant. And with its 11 hairpin bends , the Trollstigen is like an attraction park for petrolheads. Trollstigen has always been a magnet for tourists, best to know when to go ;) Same as Lysebotn road, The Trollstigen Mountain Road is normally closed in October and reopens in May. The opening dates depend on the amount of snow in the mountains.

Have you guys ever heard of Drammen? Another wicked thing we get to see on the Viking tour. A unique 6-lap spiral tunnel! It is 1650 metres long and requires drivers to hard left all the way up to the top. Looking at videos can remind you of a never-ending indoor parking lot, but once in it, it’s a great driving experience. And at the top, you can enjoy magnificent views and take a little break. 

Now you know why so many petrolheads dream about going to Norway for their next driving holidays!

This is a tour with everything a Petrolhead could want, it may not be cheap but it is a trip of a lifetime and because we’ve done it before it’s something only we can do. As for any other Petrolhead Nirvana tours, you’ll get 2 tour support cars with tour managers to guide and take care of you; you’ll also have a pre-loaded Tomtom sat nav device for the duration of the tour, the use of one of our powerful walkie talkies (you will be addicted to these, you’ll see!), route guidance notes and a full drivers pack. We’re also including dinner as well as breakfast at all the hotels we visit. We’re restricted on the number of cars we can take on this tour as the ferry company has made a special dispensation for us. 16 cars is the maximum and it’s a popular tour so we advise booking early to avoid missing out.

That said, even though we haven’t announced the dates for Viking Tour 2014, there is already a discussion on our forum for next year’s trip. Don’t hesitate to put your name down, click here  :)

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