Car Review: Corvettes On Tour

The Corvettes handled the whole trip with ease. You would expect an American car to soak up any bumps and be a great mile muncher on the motorway, but it’s when you took these cars ‘off piste’ that they dropped your jaw. Holding the road more than you would think and staying neutral unless provoked into power oversteer. The chassis is so communicative that it gives you the confidence to explore the car fully. The steering is sharp enough that even going beyond the limit means a quick flick of the wheel is enough to bring it back into line.

Bearing in mind that all the cars had around 20k miles of hire car driving under their belts and they took everything we threw at them and came back for more without missing a beat speaks volumes about their quality. They were comfortable, well equipped and sounded amazing. The boot was a little on the small side but with some management it still swallowed two peoples’ luggage for a week long trip, so it’s very useable.

What really surprised us was the fuel consumption from the 6.3 litre LS3 V8. We averaged over 22 miles per gallon over the course trip and a lot of the time the cars were being driven in the spirit to which they should be accustomed.

Granted, the plastic bodies flex and the wheels are a bit bling for European tastes, the flappy paddle autobox takes longer to change than one would like, but we were all so impressed with them that the chances are you may see one gracing my driveway soon (if i can find one in the right colour and spec that hasn’t been carted off to Europe due to the Euro’s strength).


  1. vetteheadracer

    Remember the 22mpg is for an American Gallon which is smaller than an Imperial Gallon.
    So in UK terms they were going about 25 MPG Average :)

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