High With The ’5: Umair On The Alpine Tour (Part I)

MX5 on the Petrolhead Nirvana Alpine Tour 2010Everyone knows about the MX5’s round here, well I assume they do!

I have to confess I never actually ever written about my ‘5 despite having owned it since March 2010… It’s my 2nd one, a UK ‘5 at that (My 1st was an imported Eunos last summer). My last one left such an impression on me (spent an incredible summer with it!) so the alure of buying another was far too strong after braving the winter in an XJ… I yearned for roof-down again!

Here’s a full photo shoot done by Nick Williams, a few months back! Thanks again Nick.

I bought my ‘5 at 127,927, £1650…It felt EXACTLY like my old S-Special & thats what did it for me, just as nimble, as fun & as chuckable! The previous owner ran it on weekends & pampered it with 5k miles per year… Prior to September, in 6 months dead, I had completed 17k miles! Prior to the Alpine the car was used as a daily doing 350 miles to work & back (80% country lanes!) & pootling about all over the country on weekends, running errands, exploring the countryside, with the occasional cosy night spent sleeping in it on a beach somewhere as ya do. It’s been kept busy & I find it hard to imagine it having a more harder life prior to it being placed in my hands. In short I love it. & I’ve hardly had to spend a penny on it prior to the trip.

So this time last month, armed with many pounds I visited Autolink & left many hundreds less but with plenty of kit to ensure the ‘5 was ready for a 9 day intense driving trip… I did consider supercharging it but decided due to a number of factors it wasnt worth the expense even if I was worried about keeping up with everyone.

It’s fair to say I was a little concerned, after all it was the cheapest car by a mile, nearly the eldest, certainly the least powerful, probably had the biggest mileage out of anyone & having to tag along with Lotus’s, Ferrari’s, 911’s! Oh dear! Could the thing cope?!

So as we ticked over 17,000 miles together, we set off for the Alpine!

To save my waffling, the rest of this post will largely be pictures & videos…

What I will say is though… I adored my car before I left for this trip but there was one thing someone said to me before I left that rung true while I was out there – “You’ve got to realise that despite the disadvantages in performance, you’ll probably have the most fun out of anyone there!”

Ladies & gents… I did! Throwing that car sideways at countless hairpins, keeping up with V8’s & Flat 6’s through winding stretches through the black forest, following the train of trail lights as we headed up the Col De Turini & driving through the clouds at the top of Stelvio. I think I had more fun than anyone.

Below are some snaps from each of the days – Video footage will be up on the Petrolhead Nirvana YouTube Channel shortly.

Day 1 – The getting there day! Straight through blitz of France to the German border to be on the doorstep of sampling the delights of the Black Forest’s roads.

Parked up by the tunnel:

Jumping on with a gorgeous 360 & GT3:

Our 1st French fuel stop!

Late afternoon regroup by a Toll:


  1. A good read Umair, glad you enjoyed it, we were all terribly jealous reading your regular updates on FaceBook, then you came back and posted the pictures. The jealousy grew further.

    It’s not what you drive, it’s how it’s driven, certainly one of my motto’s in life.

  2. Mk1 mx5’s are cracking fun. I had mine for a year and agree that it is seriously fun and seriously cheap. Blue ones are best ;)

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